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Aina Emilia Järnefelt
CEO of MMR Technologies
"Video content
revolutionize how we consume content, offering an engaging and personal experience that inspires learning and growth."
Aina Emilia Järnefelt
CEO of MMR Technologies
Looking to share your knowledge with the world, but not sure where to start?
Our innovative and user-friendly platform makes it simple to record your thoughts and ideas virtually from anywhere in the world, and turn them into meaningful content that people want to consume.

back your
time and let
us produce
the content
you need.
With our simple workflow and creative team, you can easily create high-quality video content that showcases your unique perspective and captivates your audience.
Whether you're a teacher, coach, or thought leader, Teachcast is the perfect solution for sharing your knowledge and making a lasting impact.
  • 1. Onboarding
    Sign-up and onboard same day! Get your content started within 24 hours!
  • 2. Upload Content
    You have the option to either upload your pre-recorded video or use our virtual studio to record your content, after which our team will take care of the rest.
  • 3. Content Curation
    We carefully listen to your content and follow your notes to identify the most captivating moments, from which we select the perfect headlines, takeaway videos, and graphics to create excellent content.
  • 4. Video Editing
    Our team of dedicated video editors will take care of editing all of your content, so you won't have to worry about editing another video again.
  • 5. Content Review
    You can review your content with our virtual revision software and leave your comments in a matter of minutes, making it easy for you to provide feedback and make any necessary revisions.
  • 6. Content Finalization
    After receiving your revision requests, we will finalize your content within 1-2 business days and deliver it back to you.
  • 7. Content Posting
    We ensure that your content gets posted on all platforms, including relevant captions and hashtags, to help promote your content and reach a wider audience.
  • 8. Repeat Process
    While we publish your previous content on all frequencies, you can send us your next videos to start the process over again, ensuring a seamless and continuous workflow for your video content.
$749 /mo
Short-form videos
$1550 /mo
Long-form videos
We create, manage and distribute your
long-form videos for multiple social outlets.
2x Videos (30-60min) /mo
2x Podcast style audios (30-60min) /mo
2x Episode thumbnails (graphics) /mo
2x Vertical videos /ep
2x Square animated graphics /ep
Subtitles for Vertical videos
Scheduling and posting
Captions for each post
#Hashtags generation
Virtual Assistant
Virtual Recording Studio
Virtual Recording support
Monthly Analytics Report
Content Landing Page + welcome video
We repurpose your existing teachings and give it a fresh look for social media.
12x Vertical videos /mo
12x Thumbnails (graphics) /mo
Subtitles for vertical videos
Scheduling and posting
Captions for each post
#Hashtags generation
Dedicated Copywriter
Dedicated Account Manager
Streamline your video content workflows with our comprehensive strategies.
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do from one video!
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Schedule a 20 min call with our team and let us show you the power of teachcast!
For those looking to build an online
community, school, or training center online.
Pre-planning meetings
Creative Director meetings
Video content creation
Portal platform build
Copy and design
Maintenance and management
Portal customer support
Customized landing page
Email list
Email campaigns
Payment plan set-up
Graphic Design for pages
Community Portal
Starting at $3000
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Struggling to keep up
with your content needs?
Streamline your process and achieve your content goals
to help you
how you're
that works in
your sleep.
Show up
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do the rest.
With our virtual recording platform, you can now record at any location and at any time, making life more convenient for you.
We'll work with you to figure out the ideal timing that suits your content best, so you can rest!
Get the metrics you need to help you stay on top and focused with your content creation.
Create engaging content and build your dream audience
Spend your time creating content that matters. We'll handle the rest, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

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